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Reservation (example 2)

Reservation (example 2)

The Palace Theme comes with a working booking system. When a customer makes a reservation the details of this reservation are viewable in a booking system. The booking forms are made by using the Contact form 7 plugin. This means that the booking forms are fully customizable.

    [column width="one-third-first"]

    First name:

    Last name:


    [sub_column width="one-sixth-first"]


    [/sub_column][sub_column width="one-sixth-last"]


    [/sub_column][/column][column width="one-third"]

    Check-in date:

    [calendar name="check-in" type="inline-no-input" show_availability="no"][/column][column width="one-third-last"]

    Check-out date:

    [calendar name="check-out" type="inline-no-input" show_availability="no"][/column]

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